Belfast born Jane McBride traces her love of Irish folk music back to her teens, when she was a proud member of the Mary O'Hara fan club. Later she moved into classical and theatre music and more recently she has even been caught succumbing to the odd bit of jazz. Bothán decided that really wouldn't do and dragged her firmly back into the domain of folk, where she sings ballads to die for – in fact, the people in them generally do. When she's not fronting the song herself, her love of harmony allows her to blend beautifully with Elise's soprano. Her main problem is working out which muse to follow – Mary O'Hara? Ethel Merman? Ella Fitzgerald? 
 Elise Docherty has been singing ever since she was a wee lassie growing up in Stirling. Before she was even out of primary school she was on the road performing with her family - aspart of the "in-vehicle" entertainment system on the family’s regular camping holidays! Later on she became distracted by things like the piano and the violin and classical music, before finally accepting that there is no instrument quite so fine as a beautiful voice. And with Bothàn Elise is able at last to return to her roots - she can even be found struggling with tent pegs and poles at various fiddle camps and folk festivals across Europe. Plus ça change…
bkookok  Andy Upton started out playing guitar for a rock band at schoolback in the mists of time and he hasn't looked back since. He'd probably tell you that's because there hasn't been much to look back on, but however that may be, he's well and truly embedded in Project Bothán now. Although his preference is for finger-picking he may, under duress, be prevailed upon to stoop to the odd strum and he has even been known to lend his voice to the occasional harmony - provided, he says, it's buried under people who can actually sing.
Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Alex Smith had to be dragged kicking and screaming out of his natural habitat in the world of blues and forcibly propelled into the folk universe, but once in orbit has proved himself to be an indefatigable member of the crew. Although his song writing efforts, when not rejected out of hand, get changed beyond recognition and his earnest inquiries into the essential nature of musical communication meet with perplexed incomprehension at best, nothing deters the doyen of the band: whether he's digging in on the accordion, rocking on mandolin or belting out his two-fisted vocals, Alex is Bothán's 'oomph' factor!